Workplace absenteeism management

Plexo’s workplace absenteeism management department helps organizations reduce their absenteeism costs thanks to the comprehensive Plexo Balance program. This program carefully monitors your employees’ progress to ensure their long-term, sustainable recovery.

The program has four main focus areas that can be adapted to your corporate objectives and occasional ad hoc needs:

Administrative details: our medical team takes care of all aspects of absenteeism management by providing an accurate diagnosis, handling all the necessary paperwork and monitoring communication between the people involved in the file, such as the employer, employee, insurer, physician and others, where required.

Physical and psychological coaching: our disability management nurses provide a personalized program tailored to the needs of each employee.

Medical referrals: based on the diagnosis, Plexo ensures that the best possible care is obtained in the shortest possible time.

Return to work: our disability management professionals provide a personalized return to work strategy designed to ensure a sustainable return to work in the shortest possible time.

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