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September 7, 2012 Stand your ground, fight the flu!

Again this year, Plexo will offer its anti-flu vaccination campaign at workplaces throughout Quebec and in several other Canadian provinces.

Influenza is a highly infectious respiratory disease which can cause moderate to severe illness. Quick recovery is usual, but it is often long with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Actually, anti-influenza vaccination remains the best protection against the flu and its complications. Influenza vaccine is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for your employees.

Our anti-flu vaccination campaign starts at the end of October. It's not too early to book a flu vaccine clinic at your workplace. This campaign at your workplace is an excellent return on the investment: your business will be more effective when all staff members are healthy!

If you are not currently registered on our 2012 seasonal flu campaign at your workplace, please contact us at or by phone 1 866-641-9331.

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