Our Vision

We make a positive, personal and enduring impact on the health and quality of life of our clients and the communities that we serve.

Our healthcare assessments are designed to provide a clear, comprehensive picture of your health and to assist in the early detection of health problems and risk factors. For over 25 years, our physicians and health professionals have helped thousands of patients improve various aspects of their health and make positive changes to their lives.

Because of our dedicated, multidisciplinary team, we adapt to our clients’ needs at every stage of our Plexo programs. Our high medical standards are widely recognized; because of them, Plexo can promise to always provide the quality its clients expect. Our medical expertise, experienced multidisciplinary team, proven operational processes and cutting-edge technology make Plexo a leader in its field.

Here are just some of the reasons that make us unique:

• 25 years of experience delivering preventive medicine
• 15 general practitioners and 25 medical specialists
• 10 nurses, 3 kinesiologists, and 5 dietitians
• A collaborative, holistic approach to healthcare
• Patient privacy and health data security
• Cutting edge medical technology
• An attentive, unhurried, personalized approach
• Coordination of care when a problem is detected
• Year-round peace of mind, and access to 24/7 online medical assistance

A member of the Medisys Health Group

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